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Arc 800g Sample Roaster
Hello fellow members,

Been roasting with the arc for 2 weeks now (received it 2 weeks ago) and i am producing some amazing coffee!

I have lots of experience roasting with Fujiroyal 5kg, Kapok 5kg, Kapok 1kg roasters, with that said, one thing i noticed was their temperature probe gives an accurate and instant reading, versus the arc roaster's temperature probe, it gives unsteady reading and shows slow response, (ie, going back and forth on the temperature reading, or it would skip several degrees when temperature is rising) which causes me to have to guess how long it takes for the LCD screen to update new temp reading or how many degrees is going to show up on the next reading.

From what i can tell from the Arc website, it shows they are using K-type probe, but did not specify which diameter.

What can i do to improve the accuracy of temp reading and responsiveness?

I am all ears to hear suggestions on this problem i am facing.


Is possible to have a picture how is the probe placed in the mass of beans ?

Regarding the others accurate and instant reading, I think it should be a heavily processed result of real time data stream, which is indeed very jumpy and random.
In a roaster you don't measure a liquid temperature, but a turbulent medium of small particles tumbling randomly, with a lot of air between.
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