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David and Alchemist will be building a roaster.
The dialog and pictures of the building process will be posted here.

Alchemist will design the roaster and mentor David in the building process.
David will build the roaster according to Alchemist's directions, taking pictures at each step and then posting them to this thread.

This thread will be for the project participants only.
A parallel thread will be established for Member questions and comments during the project.

This is a new thing, folks. There will likely be mistakes and misunderstandings, so please bear with us.

Also, please understand that this is a volunteer project done in spare time with a spare change budget. Can anyone relate to that? ;)

Stay tuned for another First-Ever from homeroasters.org!
And I think, we can officially say it has begun. For those that may not know how this came about, this started from my entry in the Roaster Building Competition, the Zen I Roaster.


I mentioned that should I build it again, some things would be different. And this idea was born.

I really enjoy designing and building things, and roasters are a favorite. This will give me a chance to design in detail without having to build. The building is fun, but the mental process of design I really enjoy.

And so it begins...
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To The Stars!
David attached the following image:

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And nothing like putting the cart before the horse.

How does this work for you?
Alchemist attached the following image:

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Very nice. I like it.
David (and everyone else),

If you were wondering, things have hit a snag here.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances here on the home front I will not be able to continue this project for the foreseeable future. Let's consider it suspended for the time being.

I am sad about this, but life just throws you curve balls some days.

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