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Made another turbo roaster......


Gullygossner wrote:


Mbb wrote:

Finding the forced airflow..... improved taste by eliminating smoke inside.

Also helps control flick...better than heat control
Cooling....is better than not heating

Not there yet, but getting better at it.
Goes kind of slow when you got to drink a pound of coffee every time you roast

autocharge didn't pick up on this roast for some reason and I forgot to click it until didn't see ror curve

I'm not using the adjustable vent opening so I'll probably just make a discharge tube there that directs the chaff into a catch container


You mention not using the adjustable vent opening, are you just using the external blower to force any smoke/heat out of the setup around fc?

I use air on low 5% the whole time most of the time....it reduces variation in BT. It does remove heat though. About 1 min into 1C I kick it to 20%.
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5/20% of what ? What is the power/flow of the blower ?

I am using a 20W 140 m^3/hour (82 cfm) 4" hidroponic blower at 100% all the time, the influence on air temperature is about 4 C degrees cooling, but I have enough margin to afford this.
The airflow is just right for smoke and 80% of chaff, but not enough for cooling or total chaff removal, the turbo vortex is more powerful than the outside suction, there is still remaining chaff under the perforated bottom of the SS roasting insert.
The opening in oven wall is a for 28 mm diameter pipe, close to yours.
The difference is that my blower sucks air from cyclone, and cyclone from TO, your seems to push air into TO, but no clear where the chaff is going...
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