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03/04/2021 9:04 PM
I have been trying Scott Rao Hario V60 pourover this week. 1:17 and blooming with 2 parts water the first 45 seconds then splitting the rest into 2 pours. A little stirring is included. We like it.

03/04/2021 11:35 AM
My brew ratio is 1:17 (exactly 59.5 g/L). That's roughly 8.5g per 5-oz cup.

02/27/2021 9:29 AM
I'm looking to hire someone to teach/help me to find the best roast profile for the 3 types of coffee that grow on my farm in nicaragua. I live in LA, but but could go anywhere in so cal with my Behmor for a roasting lesson. Please contact me if you're in

02/17/2021 7:20 PM
When your wife thinks 30 grams for a 6 cup setting is strong, you learn to drink muddy water when you are making coffee for both of you.

02/17/2021 8:32 AM
I use a rule of thumb of 60 grams per liter. 8 cups (1 liter, 32 oz) = 60 grams, 6 cups (3/4 liter, 24 oz) = 45 grams. 10 cups = 75 grams 12 cups = 90 grams

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Roastlogger Sketch Request

Does anyone happen to have a copy of the most recent RoastloggerTc4 sketch version 3.3 they’d be willing to share?

The Roastlogger website is no longer online, and the newest version available on github or google code is 3.1.
It’s really annoying as version 3.3 added the ability to control an AC fan via zero cross & ZCD. This is the last piece needed to complete my gas fired drum roaster build shared here.

Thanks -Russ
I tried the wayback machine site using the Roastlogger url. I was able to see the latest (1/2/19) of the site.
V3.4 TC4 sketch was available and I did download it. Not sure if this version will work for what you want.

You can look through older snapshots of the site to find V3.3. Or, V3.4 will work, I am not sure.

It is a great loss to see the Roastlogger site gone.

I did add the V3.4 sketch to the downloads section of this site. It is under files for sharing category.
Edited by JackH on 04/03/2020 3:52 AM

KKTO Roaster.
Is there any reason to use this version instead the current V6_7, with some significant added features ?


renatoa wrote:

Is there any reason to use this version instead the current V6_7, with some significant added features ?

Is that a Roastlogger sketch? The file I downloaded was written by Tom Coxon, the creator of Roastlogger.

KKTO Roaster.

Thanks a bunch Jack! Version 3.4 is even better.

Didn't even think about using the wayback machine. Will have to kick them a few bucks!

Glad to help.
I would like to try and preserve or take screen shots of his site. There is a lot of good information there.
I hope Tom is OK.

KKTO Roaster.
Wow, great digging John! I too think the world of Roastlogger and the huge amount of work Tom poured into it. I ran my first 1 lb gas fired drum roaster using Roastlogger for a long time and what a great way to control a roaster. I too hope Tom is doing well!
1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana


JackH wrote:


renatoa wrote:

Is there any reason to use this version instead the current V6_7, with some significant added features ?

Is that a Roastlogger sketch? The file I downloaded was written by Tom Coxon, the creator of Roastlogger.

Not sure what you mean by Roastlogger sketch, for me Roastlogger is an Artisan equivalent piece of software, for desktop PCs.
I see there lots of TC4 code, and readme file states:


RoastLoggerTC4 version 3.1 25-Nov-2014 by Jim Gallt

... so I thought that RoastloggerTC4 is a fork for TC4 board/hardware.

Tom Coxon contribution is from V3.2/2015 to V3.4/2016.
If not existing in current TC4 software, can be added, if memory allows.
I can do this happily, if anyone interested.
When Jim Gallt wrote the original TC4 sketches, he had a Roastlogger TC4 sketch and an Artisan TC4 sketch.
They were separate because of the differences in baud rate and other settings at that time. Artisan ran at a much slower baud rate back then.

He felt that the end user should have a sketch that works as is with no modification for each because not everyone has a software engineering background.

I know there were differences because I wrote installation procedures for both.

Roastlogger is written in java.

The member got the software he wanted.
Edited by JackH on 04/04/2020 3:26 PM

KKTO Roaster.
The aArtisanQ_PID sketches have actually supported Roastlogger in addition to Artisan for a long time. Just change to Roastlogger mode in user.h. I haven't tested it for many years but it should work fine assuming there haven't any changes on the Roastlogger side regarding the commands and logging.
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