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Air Fryer Drum Roaster???
I have no desire or plans to pursue this as an actual roaster project but I was looking at getting an air fryer for my large family and came across this one https://www.amazo...amp;sr=8-3 and thought, that looks like a Behmor kinda.

At $150 would an airfryer be a suitable conversion path to a viable drum roaster? Convection heat? Perforated rotating drum?

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Similar looking machines that are sold here are not radiating ovens as Behmor, but heavy convection roasters, a build variation of turbo oven lid, with heat sources (halogen lamp+turbine) fixed into the ceiling, and front door/tray loading of the food.

As a result, everything that was told about TO setups should be valid here too.

Unfortunately, in this case the factory provided drum and rotating mechanism is not suitable for coffee roasting, too slow at about 3-4 RPM.
You can try a drum mod, fitting inside a diagonal paddle/vane, inspired from Gene design, to change the beans tumbling dynamics... or a square cage, instead the stock round cage, to counteract the slow rotation.

Another specific of such design is the difficult beans drop, handling the hot basket with thermo resistant gloves is not a pleasure.
One of the reasons I abandoned this approach, even with the rotating speed issue solved in my model.
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I hear ya Renatoa -- I just found it surprising and amusing to come across the look lol.

You are right though about all the complications.
Koffee Kosmo
Although these air cooking designs are new to the market
They do not
1) get up to the heat required for coffee roasting
2) agitation is to slow - even on drum units
3) may not be able to handle the oily smoke that coffee roasting produces

Hence the reason I designed the bottom end of the KKTO for coffee roasting. Be it agitation or drum variants
And all one needs is an appropriate heat source

The other designs I have drawn up (but not posted) cover different proprietary heat and delivery sources

These designs have to be fully manufactured and are suitable for 1 kg and upscaled for larger commercial quantities

I home roast and I like it. Designer of the KKTO
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