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Locally sourced alternate material for top filter?
I've overhauled my ancient Hottop and installed a K thermocouple and a KN-8828B-2K panel in it. It's working great... except that it heats up very slowly. The top filter has shrunk to about half size, and I'm looking for alternatives that can handle the heat. There are a couple of ancient threads here and there about replacing it with "black material from a back filter" or scotchbrite pad, or insulation... but no actual reports on how well it worked.

A new filter from Hottop USA is not realistic -- they ONLY use Fedex Ground for shipping parts and supplies to Canada, which means a minimum shipping charge of $41 plus about another $49 brokerage and import fees. That's $130 CDN for a $12 filter. That's a bit absurd, and it doesn't make me feel like Hottop USA is taking the Canadian market very seriously.

So... if you've replaced your top filter with something locally sourced, what have you used?
Although this outfit doesn't seem to ship to Canada, the catalog may be useful to determine the right product, and or trade name, so you can source it up North.
I've linked the entire filter category, you should be able to drill down from there. Cheers, Scott
Well I had 2 reasons for buying this.

First it also had aluminum trim I used for my PC pre-filters.
But it's charcoal impregnated for odors...
Has 2 screens on front. So I can remove 1 if it causes the HT to heat up too much.
And no I don't use this for my PC. Just the trim.
It's made for heated ventilation.
Just use tin snips...
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