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Artisan - Create Alarms from Previous Profile
Hey folks,

Been a while since I've posted on here. The custom fluid bed roaster is working like a charm - but I've run into some issues with Artisan that I'm hoping someone can help with. To provide some context:
- I am using the TC4+ for my PID control
- Heater % is controlled automatically in Artisan based on the PID set value
- I control the Fan % manually (for now)

I came across a post on the Artisan blog that states alarms can be created from previous profiles' events. Ideally, I would like to pull those manual fan adjustment events from a previous profile and generate alarms to be used for subsequent roasts of the same beans (i.e. eliminate the need for those manual fan adjustments). I tried doing this based on the instructions in the attached image - but with no success. Is there something I'm missing here? Thanks in advance for your help.
cdrake39 attached the following image:
Figured I should update this post with a little more info. Attached are some photos of the profile in question. As you can see there are multiple fan adjustments made throughout the roast. Using the instructions on the Artisan page - I opened the Roast Properties menu, clicked the 'Events' tab and then selected the 'Create Alarms' button. After which, it is shown at the top of the plot that those Alarms have been created. I then saved this profile and tried loading the Alarms from it, but with no success. Hopefully that clears up the question and doesn't further complicate it!

If there are no easy solutions of course I can just manually add those alarms instead...
cdrake39 attached the following images:
alarmcreation.jpg peaberryroastevents.jpg peaberryprofile.jpg
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