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Cooling the beans in the roasting chamber?
Quick question :
Is it possible to cool the beans directly in the roasting chamber?

I understand that there is some disadvantages :
- The RC is still hot and it can continue to transfer the heat to the beans;
- If you roast a batch afterward, your RC is now cold;
- If you roast a batch afterward, your need to wait for the RC to be free of the cooling beans before roasting again.

Side question :
What's the difference between cooling the beans on a perforated plate VS in a tumbling high volume of air?

Yes, possible if your air system provides a serious airflow margin.
If your air system works all the time above 70%, then probably not a good candidate as a cooling machine.
If you finish the roast with air at 50%, then a fast cooling is possible.
The cool time will tell you how effective is the cooling, if you can keep the beans in hand (50-60C pain skin test) after 3 minutes, for me is ok.

I would not worry about the other worries in your list... if beans are at 50C when dumped, then glass is at 70C or above, high enough to start a new roast immediately, FB does not require a high temperature preheat, energy is in the air, not in the walls.

Even the perforated plate means high volume of air flowing around beans, sucked by a pump through the holes.

I'm planning to build a FB roaster and I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble to build a "traditional" bean cooler or if I just turn off the heat and wait 3 minutes.

I'll probably try directly in the roasting chamber first.
I have always cooled in the roast chamber in both my 300g and 1kg roaster.

Both my roast chambers are quite light weight and don't hold a lot of heat. I can cool 1kg to < 100C in < 3 minutes
Fluid Bed makes this easy. They typically have less thermal mass. I cool 5 Kilos in 4 minutes.
Have fun -Scott
I've built several 0.5kg drum roasters that are similar to the Behmor design and have always cooled the beans using an electric garden blower while in the mesh roasting drum. I just open the door and turn on the blower aiming at the middle of the drum while its still turning. The bean temperature drops down to 50c in about 90 seconds.
And the chaff ?! Shock


renatoa wrote:

And the chaff ?! Shock

I've got a cyclone setup beside the oven that picks up the chaff. The drum has larger holes each end that allow chaff to escape during roasting. The oven is powered from a 2200 watt fan forced oven element with fan so there is a lot of air flow to help the chaff escape the drum. The chaff seemed to collect at the front left of the oven so I connected the cyclone inlet through the oven wall at that point. It does a pretty good job and there is very little chaff left by the time I turn on the blower.
i would not recommend cooling off in the roast chamber most fluidbed roasters have a fair amount of residual heat
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