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03/01/2024 8:52 AM
nguyenanh, coffee drink ?

02/29/2024 1:31 PM
welcome cup, peternh

02/27/2024 2:10 AM
Airtimid and Foolmeonce, welcome to forum

02/26/2024 5:58 PM
kinkades Welcome

02/26/2024 11:46 AM
seidler Welcome

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Rewire 230V popcorn machine fan & heater
I figured "classic" means incandescent.

I never heard of a light bulb referred to by voltage.

Okay. I found one. I'm putting it together now.

One wire from #3 is taped to the bottom of the bulb and a wire from #4 is taped to the bottom side of the bulb.

There's no light all the way up to 100%.

Now I've switched the 2 wires and got light only at 100%.

And maybe the bulb burned out.

Nope. The bulb still works.
Edited by Ploni on 12/08/2021 12:00 PM
In this moment I am out of ideas... other than a defective heat controller.

You can see here how should behave a good one:
Okay. Thanks for your help.

Buying electronics from the Chinese doesn't make sense.

It takes weeks to receive them and then, like Chinese products in general, they are poorly designed and constructed . . . and difficult to return for replacement or reimbursement.

Maybe I should proceed with Larry Cotton's Wobble Roaster?

I haven't had a cup of coffee in a month because I wanted to "clean my palate" in anticipation of building a roaster and drinking my first cup of HomeyRoast®.

Oh well.
Edited by Ploni on 12/09/2021 8:36 AM

If you really are in the need of your own home-roasted coffee you can get good results with a heat-gun only, does not require any building or modding:

In the mean time, you can keep working/learning on modding/building your own roaster.
### A lot can happen over coffee ###
That's very kind of you.

Thank you, zamunda.

As I wrote, I've been intrigued by Larry Cotton's Wobble Roaster which utilizes a heat gun as its heat source. Now I see he has a "wobble" device for a grill so I'm thinking it might be an efficient solution to use with my very effective electric cooking device.

I've recorded temps on this cooking unit of over 450°F/232°C.

Is that hot enough?

What do you think?
Ploni attached the following images:
electriccookunit.jpg wobbleadapt.jpg

Edited by Ploni on 12/09/2021 11:32 AM
We buy chinese stuff a lot more than we are aware.
The popper is a chinese product too...
Wait times are solved with planning in advance... and patience.
Else, without patience you can find probably the very same products for 2-3x the price, but "locally"... maybe with warranty, if you are lucky about a honest seller.
Usually spare parts aren't under same warranty rules as the boxed/sealed items.
Many seller refuse to accept returns for power supplies for example, is too easy to brick them with a short.

For any such projects is highly advisable a deep understanding of how the current travels through circuitry. These parts aren't lego bricks, to be assembled just to see if what we obtain has any meaning.
Can a voltage regulator appropriate for this project be found in and salvaged from any kind of electronic device?

I cannot find such a component here in Israel. Purchasing online is costly in money and time, and has proven to be a frustrating exercise in commerce.

Or, can my voltage regulator be repaired?


Ploni wrote:

Can a voltage regulator appropriate for this project be found in and salvaged from any kind of electronic device?

I cannot find such a component here in Israel. Purchasing online is costly in money and time, and has proven to be a frustrating exercise in commerce.

Or, can my voltage regulator be repaired?

I've purchased the Princess brand popcorn machine per zamunda's favorable recommendation.

Can this unit be used without modifications? If not, is the mod process exactly the same as for the smaller generic machine? What are my options for obtaining a working speed controller?

To be sure it is really faulty, I would disconnect it completely from the actual setup, connect a cable with mains plug at the input terminals (or bare wires, but be careful ! ), and a 220V incandescent bulb at the output, and check if it acts as a dimmer.
Didn't we do this already?
As I remember, the controller input was been connected to the popper wires.
With the info I have so far, I can't be sure the connection is right, and goes straight to the mains.
So, seeing that the DIY-RIY coffee wasn't working for me vis a vis Chinese components or Amazon shipping prices, I decided to delve into the fine art-science of skillet roasting.

A few trips to the Jerusalem main market and lots of talk with the Ethiopian Jews there brought me a number of important tips to contemplate and then implement.

First I had to invest in a portable gas stove and a 28 cm skillet but after a few attempts and a lot of smoke I'm now enjoying pleasant real coffee that I've roasted myself. Delicious.

Most elegant solution and cheapest too.
Edited by Ploni on 02/21/2022 5:36 AM
Sorry to hear the parts costs with shipping became a deal breaker. Nothing wrong with roasting using the method first utilized when coffee was discovered and had been used for seed roasting way before that. It can produce stellar results if one develops the techniques required.

Also, if, in the future you find a way to get parts for a reasonable cost, you can use the information you've learned here to go ahead and build a roaster.
1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
Thanks, allenb. Will do.

If anyone wants that Princess popcorn machine, let me know.
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