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A simple fan in a box
Inspired by the example of others, I took a plastic tub, and inserted a fan in the side and some mess in the lid. Result is a cooler that brings 300g of beans down to ambient in a minute or less.

I think the fan was less than $20, and I had the tub and mesh on hand already.
timbarnes attached the following images:
coffeecooler_1.jpg coffeecooler_1_1.jpg
It seems I am the only having bad luck with low temp plastics...
for me hot beans + plastic experience equals plastic omelette, with beans as bacon cubes... Shock
Well, I've only done one batch of beans so far, and they are mostly in contact with the metal mesh rather than the plastic. But I'm thinking of adding metal walls so it's easier to stir the beans as they cool. That will take more heat away.

The original concept that I copied used a cardboard box, so I imagine heat gets dissipated fairly quickly as there were no reports of fires.

Next time I roast I'll monitor the temperature of the plastic.
Imagine that paper is better than plastic !
Cellulose melts at 230C, the beans are less hotter than this point!
PVC start softening at 92C... polyethylene at 125 C... only PET is suitable for this task, as it keep shape up to 225 C.
So, even cardboard walls around the mesh are enough, no need for metal.
I roasted 350g yesterday - about the max. for my roaster, I think. It cooled successfully in my plastic fantastic, without any sign of melting. But I think I'm going to be upping my roast quantities over time as I evolve the roaster, so this little cooler is probably temporary. Loving the taste and smell of freshly roasted coffee beans!

But I do appreciate the advice on materials. I'll see what I can do to mitigate contact with the plastic.
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