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Finding Artisan 1.6.1 binary for Mac
I was gifted an old MacBook Pro, early 2011, and had Artisan 1.6.1 running on it. I did a clean install of Big Sur yesterday, and would like to recover the older version of Artisan rather than using the new one.

Anyone have an old copy they could share? Or advice on building from sources with Homebrew?

Gene Cafe (modified), Kalita Pour Over setup.
I have used Wayback Machine to find older copies of software. The site shows old copies of web sites and sometimes you can get what you need. You also might want to ask the Artisan people and see if they might have an archived copy.


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Thank you, Jack. I'm happy to report it worked, but it took a little effort: There were 4 snapshots taken within an one week period of time that listed that update with pointers to the various downloads. The first three did not have a valid pointer. I'm happy to report thew last one did, and it was much easier than trying to build it from scratch.

I'm writing this on the 11 year old MBP that I use for Artisan, running Big Sur 11.6.4.

Thank you again.
Gene Cafe (modified), Kalita Pour Over setup.
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