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software/circuit designer wanted for new roaster
Hi all! My first post here although I have been watching/reading/roasting for a long while.

I've developed a new roaster, possibly with commercial potential some day. It is a fluidized bed type, but can roast over a pound (500g) to any roast level with minimal power, noise, and breakage, and well managed smoke, chaff, quick internal cooling, etc. How does it work? Magic of course! And many hours of engineering and testing. It's almost all stainless steel and beautiful.

I am looking for a circuit designer to develop a custom board. Right now I am using a clunky external combination of Uno/TC4, laptop, artisan, switches, buttons, diodes, hope, prayers, duct tape, etc. Obviously it needs its own custom internal circuit board with the essential features of uno and TC4. And BLE to communicate with a phone. And DC motor power rectifier bridge / DPDT relay. UL-ready a plus. All non-essential items should be stripped out. I am thinking it could be a spinoff of existing technology, but stripped down to the essentials, on one small board.

In parallel, looking for a firmware/software/app designer to enable the new board to execute roast profiles using PID. The profiles could probably be developed and tested on artisan, but then beamed from phone app to the roaster, which would then run autonomously.

Interested? Let me know! We can discuss details.
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Have you ever checked this site? It may be useful for sourcing employees or contract workers.

I would avoid BLE and rely on the old good BT.
Current status of BLE implementations adds an ludicrous amount of unnecessary overhead.
The simplest BLE example eats 71% of memory, compared to my TC4 fork, that is three times now as the original TC4, about 3-4000 lines of code on top of the 2000 lines of original TC4, and needs only 56% of memory.
When tried to add BLE support I got...


Sketch uses 1389978 bytes (106%) of program storage space.

...and failure.

Can we see some pictures of your roaster, especially the bubbling tray in action, if possible... smile
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