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HotTop "D" to "B-K+"
I have been using a HotTop D model for several years now (except for the 2 years I was roasting professionally for a starting coffee shop). Roasting on the Phoenix Oro was *SWEET* while it lasted. At least I didn't go from that back to my FreshRoast (after burning through 2 of them, I knew I had to upgrade).

So, I have a HotTop D roaster that could stand an upgrade. If I'm going to upgrade, I would go to the top of the line (or at least as top of the line I can go with this model).

Would it behove me to upgrade or should I just sell this model and get a new one? I do run it a lot - about 4 batches at a time (letting the unit cool inbetween). I like the idea of attaching it to my Mac to get some profiles going, I had been using Rainfrog's roaster program but keep not logging as I'm roasting LOL. I did better at the shop with a notebook.
I would!
Mine was a B-2.
2nd hardest upgrade platform.
Yours will be hardest!!!!!!
But I soon after changed the heat element to more wattage.
You can do it...

I would rather go with a Cormorant roaster instead a HT.
Will cut roasting session half, at least. And closer to your pro experience, imo.
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That looks like a Huky.
They were first made in 2006 by hand.
Still are too.
All drum roasters looks like... a drum roaster Grin
Slightly bigger (600 vs 500), everything you need included, no need to add this, that... and better done, in my eyes. Of the beholder, yeah... Grin
Prices are in the same ballpark, manufactured in UK is a plus for me, vs Asia.
Cormorant is assembled by hand too, some parts machined I think, tin looks too good for manual cut and bent. Welding also is surely done on computer controlled machines. Three months waiting time suggest this artisan nature too, they don't sell from stock.
With B-K+ you can pre-program the profile and automate the roast, which I think is a big valued add, imo, or at least for me.
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