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These are the specifications of the roasting machine that took a year to build
You did a BEAUTIFUL job on your roaster. The heating system principle resembles this video I posted a few years ago on this forum of the Buhler TM60.

Clever Coffee Dripper
Grinder: Macap M4
Roaster: Completed drum roaster project photos shown here:
Photos https://goo.gl/ph...Da6K4wfqw5
Videos https://www.youtu...Bd1NrdpSUH
Thanks for the post.
I watched the concept video.
My system does not recycle exhaust air, but I think the temperature control concept is the same idea.
In the meantime, I've been able to roast according to the profile I drew, and I'm in the process of creating my own favorite recipe.
Please let me know more about it.

I have recently modified the system so that I can roast while switching between 7 preset PID values with one click, so I can trace the SV and PV values of the BT perfectly.
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