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Artisan drop temp not right
Not sure if this thread is in the right category... if not, please forgive....

I have Artisan installed on three computers and the one I roast with is puzzling me with this issue: When dropping at the end of the roast, Artisan puts it's mark on the drop temp too late to be accurate. It's a second or two late and is indicating 2 degrees C too low.

I can't find the proper menu to correct this. Is anyone here savvy enough to inform?

BTW, it's not the temperature probe. My laptop works just fine when I use it to log roasts, so I'm thinking it's just some setting within Artisan.

Clever Coffee Dripper
Grinder: Macap M4
Roaster: Completed drum roaster project photos shown here:
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Why are you worried about drop accuracy down to a second or a degree ?
One second is 0.2% of a 500 seconds roast, 1% is 5 seconds, is development evaluation so critical to matter... ?
Dry end is evaluated much more inaccurate, is just a guess in a 15-30 seconds window, and nobody cries for this.

Also, the whole data crunching in Artisan introduce delays in the 5-10 second ballpark of the plotted data, versus the real world data that is coming from the process. A hint here: is your data sample interval in Artisan "forgot" to the 3 seconds default ?

To respond to your question, auto drop detection seems not configurable, is hardcoded as 3 seconds in the past, relative to drop event detection, as you can read the code excerpt below:

                                # we found a BT break at the current index minus 2
                                aw.qmc.autoDropIdx = length_of_qmc_timex - 3

The BT break condition is also hardcoded:

    # . average delta before i-2 is not negative
    # . average delta after i-2 is negative and twice as high (absolute) as the one before

These values are probably specific to a reference machine used for tests by Artisan author, they could vary significantly for other machines.
For example my auto drop detection code (from TC4ESP) kicks 5-6 seconds after the real event, and I am adjusting the event mark in the log accordingly.
Edited by renatoa on 12/14/2022 12:59 PM
Grin Saying this with tongue-in-cheek, it looks like you are concerned about it being correct as well… Grin

The reason I want it to be correct is because I tend to be overly OCD like so many others in this hobby. Especially when involved in espresso machines and the process…. I love it all for that very reason! 🤪
Clever Coffee Dripper
Grinder: Macap M4
Roaster: Completed drum roaster project photos shown here:
Videos https://www.youtu...Bd1NrdpSUH
The main concern: no oil on my beans Shock Grin
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