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Long text (ie pasted URL) breaks display of threads
I'm using current Chrome browser and on some threads, I can't read the whole posts -- they are too wide for the box they are in and the right part ends up off the right side of the box without a scrollbar. I took a look and the reason for this is when content is posted that is too big. Here is an example:


The reason why this happens on that thread is the reply by sethyrish that has a really long URL.

If you can tweak the CSS for the site, the fix for this is:

.forum_thread_user_post {
  word-break: break-word;

That will force the text to wrap instead of making the table element (TD) too wide. I'm using a browser extension to use custom CSS and so far this fix is working well for me. I'll keep using it over next couple of days to confirm it doesn't cause any problems.
Cymen attached the following image:
Thanks for catching this issue. I've sent an inquiry to our webmaster and will let all know the outcome as soon as I hear back.
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The fix should be educate posters to make URL's clickable, as I just did for the above.
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