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2 series heat gun elements
Renatao, my original TOSC is what I'm using for roasting now. The roaster in my profile pic is hacked together system that never quite worked. I have moved a couple times and never had time to fix it. I've always wanted to build a roaster that I could really control so I've started a fluid bed.
treyd, good point. Do you have any pics of your heating element setup?
Is debatable about how easier is to "control" a FB versus a TO.
Power wise they use the same circuits to control the heater, but as agitation and heat distribution TO is easier to figure.
And one variable less to fight, for TO... constant airflow.

If you decide, I would love to assist you to make that TO working.
Thanks for the offer. After I get my FB working, I might revive that project. The real reason I paused it is that I'm close to a "0" when it comes to programming and I finally realized I was in way over my head to get a TC4 integrated. Here the thread from when I was working on it back in 2013

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Wonderful build, the closest to mine I seen so far in this forum, thank you for pointing me there.

But you don't need any electronics attached to do a good roast... I know it sounds as an heresy... Shock
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