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ZCD 4N35SM optoisolator alternative

I was about to order parts for the Jim's ZCD boards that use the 4N35SM optoisolators. My usual source is digikey and they are currently out of stock with a long lead time.

I see that they have the 4N37SM in stock, which seems to have exactly the same specifications according to the datasheets, so I'm assuming it would be suitable for a direct swap but was hoping for confirmation?

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Looks identical even in the datasheet... which is weird, why two names for apparently for the same IC...
Some guys said datasheets from the 90's said
The 4N35 is rated for 3550VAC, the 4N36 for 2500VAC, and the 4N37
for 1500VAC, all peak.
I did read something about that too. But strange the current datasheets don't show any difference.

I'll go ahead with my order.
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