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CafeMasy SCR-300 Roast
Definitely confused on the vortex direction. Can switch if I need.

Was wondering about the IR as well, this units screen is very open.
How does the coffee taste?

Aroma: Sweet Brown sugar with a pleasant Floral note.
Taste: Light acidity, sweet floral note with a rich full body, cannot pick out the fruit but as it cools I get a slight fermented stone fruit, the aftertaste has a little off tasting bitterness and this I believe is from the burnt chaff.

This is a better cup then I expected, can see why the youtubers say it's better then store bought and I like how contained the acidity is, it allows the coffee to shine through.

Can it be better, yes.

1. Remove moisture and chaff.
Filter and re-cycle the air using a fan and extension ring like on a TO?
2. Add a better paddle system to move the beans.
3. Vary the temp a bit like a normal roast, this is a maybe.

I have already put a ring on it to add a TO and tested my first paddle that works good both ways but slightly better going in CW direction, better movement then the original. Going to try a flatter paddle for next version.
Well first TO-CafeMasy roast.
Guatemalan 15% roast level just under Full-City+
Fairly quick at 6:45 total roast time.

I have been sick so taste and smell is a bit off but today is my roast window to beat about 7 days of poor weather.

I think the aroma is great already, the halogen must add a bit to the Caramelization stage?

The chew test was good almost no bitterness detected.

Vortex direction? Now I moved the ring to ccw position and it looks like the chaff is still going in CW direction, most came out as the fan does act like a blower and drives most of the chaff out anyway. Will change the ring for the next roast.

Taste test on Wednesday.


HarryDog wrote:

...the halogen must add a bit to the Caramelization stage?

Discussed here two roast scenarios, with and without lamp screen plate:

... so, yes, IR addition add... more than a bit, imo...
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