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TC4+ Arduino Uno Issue - no data
I purchased a TC4+ a few months ago and haven't been able to get it to talk to my computer either via the Arduino IDE serial monitor or in Artisan with bluetooth or usb and I was curious if anyone else has run into this issue.

I reached out to Matthias from Artisanal Technologies about this and he's helped me try some things. It seems that it's the connection to the Arduino that's the issue. He provided the Arduino files and libraries that he uses to flash onto the units that he sells. In this instance I'm using my own Arduino Uno R3 (I've actually tried two different Unos).

When I use serial monitor and plug the Uno in I see "startup" printed as expected. He suggested that I send "READ" in serial monitor and I should receive a BT and ET temperature value. I don't get a response. I see the RX status light on the Uno blip when I hit send.

I'm set to 115200. I've tried this on MacOS 10.13 and on a Raspberry Pi 3b+. Same result, both print "startup" when the Uno is plugged in. Additionally I've tried with and without the TC4+ shield installed.

Any thoughts on what else I should try?

As a reference for people who run into the issues I had, here's what I did to resolve this:

When I was testing the Arduino in the serial monitor I was seeing "startup" but not getting anything printed when I entered "READ". That was because I stupidly included the "". Once I tried again with just READ it worked fine.

At least on my machine I can't have the serial monitor and Artisan open at the same time. When doing this I would get an serial error in Artisan. When I closed the Arduino IDE serial monitor and tried Artisan again it worked.

Once I had everything working via USB serial comm I fixed the bluetooth issue. I need to forget device and reconnect every time I stop Artisan. Annoying but at least it works.

Hope someone finds this helpful down the road.
As a sidenote, "startup" word is probably from the serial monitor app you are using, there is no such prompter in TC4 sketch.


renatoa wrote:

As a sidenote, "startup" word is probably from the serial monitor app you are using, there is no such prompter in TC4 sketch.

correct and thanks for clarifying. The artisan sketch I'm using from greencardigan on github has the capability to input commands and prints things like startup.
I used this:

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