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Skywalker, the ALM chinese one pound roaster
After looking closer at that boot I think the heat gets out the slit and that might be melting the plastic. If that boot fails it's going to allow much more heat get to the plastic?

This is the melted plastic part.
HarryDog attached the following image:

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Please review the picture from post #4, start of the thread.
My lamp socket don't touch that plastic, it is fitted somewhat in the tin sheath, and only wires goes out in the front panel.
The plastic is on the back side of that tin where the ceramic connector goes through the tin. You have something dark connected to the other side but I can't tell what it is from your pictures. This is what the front side of that plastic looks like on mine.
HarryDog attached the following image:
Yes, the plastic front plate seems the same, I have mine exposed permanently from day zero. The covering mask gather dust in the roaster box since then.
Even more, my front plate is mounted using only the two middle screws, to be able to open faster, in emergency.

The difference seems to be in the way how the lamp is mounted in the sheath... without touching he front plate or not...
I received 3 replies about the lamp, I provided the info this is a Coffee Roaster with little to no air flow and if they had any suggestions or alternatives that might be better then the stock option, feel free to provide options. One provided a banner that this was for curing paint? Maybe not food safe, not sure?

No one offered any alternatives or suggestions that might be better suited they just quoted a price for quantity. $30-$70 for Gold reflector, but one company (Quickly) has a price for quantity 1 on the site but only quoted price for Quantity 10. I don't want 10 but that was the best price as well.


HarryDog wrote:

No one offered any alternatives or suggestions that might be better suited they just quoted a price for quantity. $30-$70 for Gold reflector, but one company (Quickly) has a price for quantity 1 on the site but only quoted price for Quantity 10. I don't want 10 but that was the best price as well.

I had a company just ship me out 5x sample bulbs carbon fiber 110V with gold reflect for unidirectional heating. They came out to like $60 a bulb.
Do you know what wavelength is used?
What type of glass used?
Did itop provide any info about the stock lamp?

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Not sure if reflecting most of the heat in the beans direction is a good idea.
First, the beans will receive almost double heat/energy, so all we know about power levels will be broken, and need experiments to be learned again.
Second, that half of the radiant energy, that previously went into the drum, and that by heating it produced a contact transfer effect, will be substantially reduced, changing the balance between the radiant/contact/convection transfer methods, thus machine behavior.
I totally agree, also the type of filament will deliver a different watts per inch?
If I understand the specs correctly some Medium wave with certain filaments have slow response 1-3 minutes, every once in awhile one would sound good but slow response.

I think the ash is acting like a catalyst and degrading the glass, is this just normal glass and Quartz glass gets the job done?

Overall temp of the lamp itself is an bit of an issue as well. Not sure that front plastic plate can take more heat?
Regarding glass quality I can't comment or help ... it is what it is...

But there are other places I would rather investigate, in order to lower the frontal plate temperature exposure. like:
- add an insulator, like ceramic beads, or mica foil, between lamp sheath and the front plate metal. The transfer via the screws is negligible.
- find a way to mount the lamp supported by sheath walls only, no connection with frontal plate other than the wires.

The lamp is the main temperature stress point on the frontal plate plastic parts, the air is not a worry, because it is not that hot as in other roasters, just barely warm. Test yourself the temperature of the exhaust air... 100-110 C degrees, not even enough to bake a bun/cake.
Yeah, I think I need to ask ITOP or the Manufacturer about glass and wavelength.

Nirecue had a good idea with ceramic Fiber as a gasket. He used 1/8 inch thickness, I found some thinner more like gasket material but if this is like the ceramic blanket stuff I used before I want to seal it with something to keep those fibers from flying around.
Was thinking of Kapton tape but if the bulb spikes to 800C then it will melt?
Not familiar with Mica foil, checking that out.

I might just have to run some tests to see how hot the lamp gets on that end?
The $2000 Skywalker that nobody would be interested, I guess... Shock

Itop did reply Quartz glass, has a wavelength of 8 μm -14 μm just in case anyone is attempting to replace the lamp.
8-14 µm is Long Wave Infrared (LWIR).
This range does not produce heat, is for thermal imagery, for use in surveillance, homeland security, object detection and industrial/scientific applications.
Once again they don't know what they talk about...

I would rather suspect they wrong copied from a text that looks like 0.8 to 1.4 µm, losing commas in translation... The later range is NIR, indeed...
I was just wondering the same thing?
I found this interesting. I recently read on discord that people getting the latest production of Skywalker say the drum motor is quiet. A person with the production run we have stated the mounting holes cause a bind that creates noise (we know it isn't very pleasant, to say the least). He drilled one of the mounting holes out to provide alignment relief and said it was improved. I plan to check into this when I complete a project currently underway.
*Kaffelogic Nano 7
*Skywalker V1
*2023 BC-2
Well, I guess I didn't check into it fast enough. Today I was roasting my normal 350g batch and the drum started making a loud straining noise and slowed down to about 10 rpms. Artisan graph went haywire. It was well into the roast so the beans started cracking. I let it pretty much finish and don't expect much. I use my roaster very lightly compared to most. I have probably only roasted 20 lbs with it. It appeared the bearing on the drum got too tight to turn. I should have taken a video. I messaged ITOP on Aliexpress about it but I'm sure they will want a video.
*Kaffelogic Nano 7
*Skywalker V1
*2023 BC-2
Hi all, just got my skywalker roaster about a month ago. Kind of love it. As a beginner roaster the auto profile really make me confident to roast coffee beans.
However my skywalker bought from Taobao app. The seller brand it “man coffee “. He sold it with option to purchase wifi artisan box. This box can replaced current controller to control heat, airflow as well.
After some study, found out that the machine was made by this company “caterjoy” they do selling it in alibaba website.
The manufacturer is Foshan, their label for the roaster is Surewin, and Caterjoy is ... no idea how this is called... a stamp on the face plate Grin

renatoa attached the following image:
Yess, you right the company location is at Foshan. The company name registered in Foshan, China is Joycater.
below is their official WeChat account profile.
and i also like to share the wifi box I'm using for the artisan app in the WeChat

*not sure why 1 of the pic got problem uploading
kazozero attached the following images:
img_3863.png img_3875_1.jpg

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So Fochan is a place in China, not company name... d'oh... ThumbsUp

Then, what is Surewin label meaning ? Shock

What you mean by "artisan app"?
That screen is of a smartphone app, looks different than the real Artisan Roastlogger.
We have here, in the mods thread, our own solution for the Artisan connectivity.
It seem the guy fused the artisan program with his app. However in the app i can use it to control heat, airflow, barrel spinning, cooling.
I found multiple companies, related to Foshan, selling the same roaster... not sure which of them is really a manufacturer, if only one...

Hi @kazozero,
can you also show us your new Wifi box for controlling the coffee roaster?
How much did this version with wifi controller cost?
Let see, kept failed to upload the picture from my iPhone.

*error message saying it’s not allowed. But is jpg

Finally managed to upload
kazozero attached the following image:

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