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Eddie Dove Roasting Profiles
Koffee Kid
Hello Everyone! New to the forum but thankful for all the insight I've been able to gather. I have a Gene Cafe and trying to really work on getting a better understanding of the roasting process. I've tried downloading the Roasting Profiles zip in the downloads section (Eddie Dove's profiles), but its an empty zip file. Any one know where (if at all) I can download these profiles?

Thanks in advance!

Indeed, that file seems damaged.
Found a copy elsewhere, you have here attached, until we fix the file from Downloads.

The source of this archive is here: https://app.box.c...oitk5p744g
Linked from this discussion: https://www.coffe...sts/30737/

Another resources on this subject: http://southcoast...43239.html
renatoa attached the following file:
roasting_logs_with_profiles.zip [1.03MB / 22 Downloads]

Edited by renatoa on 05/16/2024 1:57 AM
Koffee Kid
Fantastic! Thanks Renatoa
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