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Cooler Contest Winners Circle



This is their new model that allows modifying roast parameters, storing roast profiles and more.
The Winner is: john-k for his TRASH CAN COOLER

1st PRIZE: Thor Ridgeline Custom Tamper
Winner to choose wood and style.
The Winner is: justin marquez for his EASY COOL

2nd PRIZE: $100.00 Sweet Maria's Gift Certificate
The Winner is: sdcoffeeroaster for his 5lb COOLER and DECHAFFER

3rd PRIZE: Presto Scandinavian Drip Coffee Brewer
The Winner is:

4th PRIZE: Presto Express Pot
The Winner is: Hoomin Bean for his FOODSERVICE COOLER - 5lb Cooler/Dechaffer

What is was contest about?

This contest is about building a large capacity bean cooler. Small batches are fairly simple to cool and there are numerous solutions out there. Cooling large amounts of beans presents several challenges including rate of cooling (don't want to ruin that roast!), chaff handling, and portability to name a few. See below for specific parameters of what is required for an eligible contest entry.

What makes a contest entry, must be included and what will be judged?

1. A large capacity bean cooler, built by you. The bean cooler must be able to cool to 150?F as quickly as possible, a minimum of four (4) pounds (pre-roast weight) of roasted coffee beans immediately upon removal from the roaster. If available, please include a picture with temperature and timer readings. See also #9 below.

2. Time to cool at least four (4) pounds (pre-roast weight).

3. Range of cooling capacity; provide at least an estimate.

4. The cooling process, (e.g., if forced air then direction of forced air, etc.)

5. The means of chaff removal and/or collection.

6. The dimensions of the fully assembled coffee bean cooler.

7. The portability and mobility of the coffee bean cooler.

8. Detail all materials, costs and tools required to build the coffee bean cooler.

9. Take and include pictures of the building process.

10. Write a description of how you built the coffee bean cooler. Make it as clear and concise as possible so others can understand your design and building process.

11. The judges will consider all aspects of your entry including ease of use, aesthetics, originality and whether or not others could build the same cooler given the details of your entry.

How do I submit my contest entry?

In the "BIG BEAN COOLER CONTEST" forum, start a new thread by clicking on "New Topic." Each entry has its own thread. Do not put your entry in someone else's thread. If you need help, simply email one of the administrators for assistance.

How do I add my photos to my contest entry?

At the bottom, you will see the Attachment field. Browse to your image, select it, and then click on "Post Thread." Only one picture can be posted at a time. Each picture posted will require a new - Show quoted text - post to the thread.

Note: If you "Preview Thread", you will not see your image, and you will have to re-select it before you "Post Thread". Images MUST NOT be larger than 500 x 500 pixels. System administrators will adjust to size or delete any photo larger then 500 x 500 pixels.

What are the rules?


Eligibility in the Homeroasters.org sponsored Big Coffee Bean Cooler Building Contest (from here on called: Contest), its prizes and awards, all entrants and entries must follow these rules:

1. Submitting an entry acknowledges that you agree to these rules and the judges' decisions. Homeroasters.org membership is required to be eligible as an entrant of the Contest.

2. Contest entries shall be submitted no sooner than midnight PST, November 10, 2007 and no later than midnight PST, February 13, 2008. Any entries submitted before or after the deadlines are ineligible.

3. By submitting an entry into the Contest, you give Homeroasters.org permission to display your bean cooler including written description, instructions, captions, photographs, drawings, and animation on the Homeroasters.org web site.

4. Entrants shall hold Homeroasters.org, its administrators, and members harmless of any liability or damage.

5. Prizes shall be awarded to entrants based on decisions of the Contest judges which will be comprised of Homeroasters.org administrators and members. All awards are final. To receive an awarded prize, the entrant will be contacted by a Homeroasters.org Private Message (PM) or email. The entrant must reply within ten days and provide a shipping address to which the prize can be shipped. Please - no P.O. boxes. If the entrant does not respond within ten (10) days, or the prizes are returned as undeliverable, those prizes may be awarded to another entrant without further notice.

6. Entrants may submit multiple entries, but are eligible to win only one prize. (If more than one of the entrant's entries is ranked as prize winning, only the highest ranking entry will be put into the selection for a possible prize all of his/her other will be disqualified from any prize eligibility.)

7. The winning awards and prizes will be posted no later than midnight PST, February 27, 2008. Certain awards and prizes are guaranteed and are listed in the prizes section elsewhere. Additional prizes and awards might be given at the judges' discretion. Entrants shall hold Homeroasters.org, its administrators, and members harmless for the condition of awards or prizes upon their receipt.

8. Disputes shall be resolved at the discretion of the Contest judges; all decisions are final.

9. Homeroasters.org, its administrators, Contest judges, their immediate and extended families are encouraged to submit entries, but are ineligible for awards or prizes other than honorable mentions.

10. Entrants retain all intellectual property rights to their roaster designs other than as noted in Rule #3 above.

11. This Contest is void where prohibited.

12. All personal information will be held in strictest confidence and will not be shared, sold, loaned, leased or otherwise communicated to any other entities other than those necessary for the delivery of prizes.

13. Only home-built, non-commercial coffee bean coolers are eligible for this contest.

14. To preserve the integrity of the Homeroasters.org contest, its contest judges, including administrators that are judges, will not comment on entries until the contest is closed and winners have been announced. Should a judge violate this rule, he or she will be disqualified from judging this contest.


Brett (MeBeBrett)
Chad (Seedlings)
Ed (Farmroast)
Eddie Dove (eodove)
Alchemist John (Alchemist)
Ginny Powell (ginny)
Aaron Scholten (Ascholten)
Rick Waits (CoffeeNut)
Peter Z (peterz)
David Yeager (David)
Bob Yellin (BobY)

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