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ginny 08/26/2008 9:38 AM
Lynn, I thought the same so I used a med size/weight bean.
seedlings 08/26/2008 7:55 AM
By my crude measures, Ihad been guessing 5 rounded cups to be 2 lbs. Now I know that's a good guess.
Dan 08/26/2008 7:25 AM
I don't think the size of the beans will effect the relative density of beans in a cup since the ratio of the beans to air space is a constant. I agree that beans are of differing density, just li
Kaffee Bitte 08/25/2008 9:13 PM
Chad. Different beans will weigh out differently by volume. Some are denser. Some are larger, lighter and fit fewer beans.
seedlings 08/25/2008 3:17 PM
Good afternoon, grinndel98!
seedlings 08/25/2008 10:54 AM
No test, Ginny. I just don't have a scale.
ginny 08/25/2008 10:49 AM
178 grams on smaller scale
ginny 08/25/2008 10:47 AM
0.38 of a pound on commercial scale is this a test to see how many different numbers you get??
seedlings 08/25/2008 10:07 AM
Would anyone volunteer to weigh one level cup of green coffee beans for me (not inclulding the cup :) )? Thanks!
Dan 08/24/2008 3:16 PM
ronnie, logout, delete your cookies, and then when you log back in select "stay logged in"
ronnieb 08/24/2008 1:20 PM
BTW, I was able to post on 1 thread.
ronnieb 08/24/2008 1:19 PM
It must be the cookie and it's acting strange. If I logout, it stll shows I'm logged in. When I click on the forum, I'm logged out. Scratching head smiley here.
ronnieb 08/24/2008 1:03 PM
Hi! I just logged in and when I click on the Building a coffee roaster forum, the forum is telling me I'm not logged in. What's wrong?
lzsbearly 08/24/2008 8:52 AM
Welcome bludog87! H)
Dan 08/24/2008 8:14 AM
Now I know I'm doing something wrong! Before I only suspected it.
seedlings 08/24/2008 7:31 AM
Edward and bludog87, awesome to have you hanging out!
David 08/24/2008 12:41 AM
Dan on the Bad Boyz list?? Tsk! Tsk! Way to go, Dan. H)
David 08/24/2008 12:39 AM
Howdy Edward and bludog87. B)
EddieDove 08/23/2008 11:15 PM
Welcome aboard bludog87! H)
ginny 08/23/2008 7:09 PM
bludog87, welcome, hey guys we bagged another coffee soul!! say hi to bludog87!!