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How can I use the Trade/Buy Java trading company forum?
How can I use the Trade/Buy Java trading company forum?

This is a friendly service to Homeroasters.org Forum Members. Please be clear in your postings what is expected:

? Payment Methods accepted
? Shipping Terms
? Return Policy
? Warranty Services

Payment Method
Your payment methods need to be clearly stated.
Options are PayPal, credit cards, money orders and personal checks. Each buyer, trader or seller may work out whatever meets their needs.

Shipping Terms
Clearly spell out your shipping costs and policies.

Return Policy
Clearly state your return policy on your listing, if any. Many items will be sold as is with no return.

We will use a feedback system such as eBay for general reference to potential buyers, traders and sellers..

Homeroasters.org/Homeoasters Forum accepts no responsibility for items bought, traded or sold. This section is a service for members only. You must have a valid email address in your member profile to participate.

If you have any questions please use the private message area to send your comments or concerns to any system admin.