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This is a series of how to's for posting on the forums.
This is a series of how to's for posting on the forums.
PHOTO'S to a new post or reply:

Do not use any photo hosting site that displays profanity, anti-religious or otherwise anything not family friendly when your photos are clicked on such as Imgur and others like it. If one is used, we will alert you and allow you to move your images to an appropriate site and edit your posts and reattach your photos.

You cannot use the 'quick reply' feature at the bottom of every thread. Instead, click on 'New Topic' or 'Post Reply' buttons.

At the bottom you will see the attachment field. Browse to your image, select it, and then hit 'Post Thread.'

Hint: If you 'Preview Thread' you will not see your image, and you will have to reselect it before you 'Post Thread.'

800 x 800 pixel images seem to fit the screen well.

Also, please note:

Save your file on your hard drive with no spaces or reserved special characters in the name: thisisthenameofmyfile.jpg


How do you know if your picture is too big? Hover your mouse over the thumbnail or icon of the picture on your computer. The little popup box will say "Dimensions: 1600x1200" or larger or smaller (or right click and go to "Properties"). 1600 pixels is too large. Homeroasters wants 800 pixels as the largest dimension. So... some math:

800 / Largest Dimension = % reduction required

In our case that's:
800 / 1600 = .5 or 50% (always round DOWN)

Now, open your picture in MS Paint (right click, select "Open With" then "Paint"). Go to "Image" then "Stretch/skew" ("Re size and Skew" for Windows 7 paint). In the Horizontal AND Vertical windows type in the % reduction, 50 in our case. Click OK. Save the file, and use this as the attachment! Viola!

How to attach it? When you go to make a new post, or to add a reply to an existing post, you'll see the "Attachment" section right above the "Preview Thread" and "Post Thread" buttons. Click "Browse" then find your re-sized image and attach it.

If you click "Preview Thread" you won't see your picture AND you will have to RE-ATTACH it before clicking "Post Thread". You must have typed something in the window in order to attach a picture.

Any trouble, just contact an Admin or Moderator by clicking on a name, then send a "PM" (Personal Message) and we'll help you pretty quick.

HRO Adminstation


You tube videos in my post:

Find the URL for the YouTube video you wish to embed. Find the ID of that video (whatever is after the v= in the URL. Let's say the ID is vr3x_RRJdd4 (which is the ID of a video for the Free Hugs Campaign)

Then you would enter the following into your post to embed the video:

PHP Code:


Please note that some browsers (Android) do not support Flash player and the video will not be seen with the [youtube] tag. Use the [video] tag instead with the full address of the video: