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weird results
After roasting a lb of Helzar de Zareeo Costa Rica beans with great results in a my hot air popper

I tried a couple of batches of Finca Vista Hermosa elephant Bean from Guatemala tonight with completely diferent results

I roast to 15seconds into the second crack about 6 minutes ( quick I know) and cool very quicky ( near zero outside where I cool them in collanders).

The batches tonight produced quite few hollow beans no diviots just a fair percentage of hollow shell like beans sometimes lined with chaff

Picture attached of the hollow beans which were about 10% of the beans

Is this just the beans or am I at fault with a lousy roast
I don't see a pic but that sounds like a bean defect to me.
To attach a picture be sure there are NoSpacesInTheFileName.jpg and it is less than 500x500 pixels, less than 97.7Kb file size. AND if you click "Preview Reply" the attachment disappears, so you have to Choose File again, then click "Post Reply".

I agree with Steve - got some bad beans in there, which is not uncommon.

Roaster: CoffeeAir II 2# DIY air roaster
Grinder: Vintage Grindmaster 500
Brewers: Vintage Cory DCU DCL, Aeropress, Press, Osaka Titanium pourover
another try at a picture shoews 43.9kb 450x300 ish
Windrat attached the following image:
I tried another batch with different beans and it worked fine so I guess it was just the beans. Are these ones garbage or will they still be drinkable ? They don't taste burnt but definitely have an odd look
Not tasting burnt is good thing,..but how did they taste overall? -Scott
A quick search turned up that elephant beans are considered a defect (by this site http://www.coffee...efects.htm):
Elephant Beans
An cluster of two or more deformed beans that grew closely locked together, but sometimes separate during processing or roasting. Also called "ears", due to their often ear-like appearance.

It seems that the SCAA calls them shells http://www.coffee...efects.htm. The fact that you bought them as 'elephant beans' seems to me that it's on purpose, like buying peaberry.

Now I want to get some and see what they taste like.
Haven't brewed any yet will let then sit for a couple of days while I use up a previous roast that is now starting to get realy greasy.

Love doing my own roasting strong coffe without the bitterness even my wife who realy does not like coffee unless it is disguised with flavoured syrop or creamer is commenting on the improved flavour and the smell of our home when you come in from the cold is delicious
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