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Narrowing down the flat taste

I posed this question to my manufacturer of my roaster but I did not hear back. Perhaps someone here has had the same issue. I have been roasting 10 years and I am using the Showtime Rotisserie Oven style roaster. All of my coffee tastes the same, despite different origins. It?s flat or dull with little (whole bean) smell. I?ve narrowed it down to the roaster or my cooling method. I?ve cleaned the roaster throughly(and all brewing equipment). My cooling method is 2 shop vacs-one sucks hot air away and another blows ambient air around to agitate the beans, all in a perforated and covered stainless steel pail. My roast profile isn?t exciting, straight to 435 and i do preheat the roaster. Does anyone have suggestions on what to do next?
435F(224C) tell me your roast last more than 12-15 minutes, right ?
This temperature alone, combined with slow rotating speed of a rotiserie oven, 4 RPM typically, are the main culprits.
You should aim at least 450, ideally 480 inside oven (air) temperature, and at least 10 RPM, ideally 30-60 rotation speed, in order to have the prerequisites to start tweaking the optimal machine load, that produce FC in the 8-12 minutes ballpark.
Is 435 a machine limit or other reason ?
Machine is modified to spin 9rpm, although visually, it spins much faster than that. 435 is PID via manufacturer. I do have a thermometer inside the oven. I will see if I can modify the PID to increase the heat.

My gene cafe spins slower, but gets hotter. Is that why the results are better in it?
Gene spins exactly 10 RPM, but has a lot of paddle ... much more efficient to turn beans than a typical oven/barbecue drum.

And yes, Gene is a lot hotter, at least 300 C / 570 F exhaust of hot air element.
Thanks. Behmore Jake couldn't be released any sooner for me!!
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