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Any tips for SR540?
Hello All, I don't know what is in the Freshroast but if it's a AC heater and DC blower then the following parts from Amazon might be good options. I have used them to control 3 modified popcorn maker based roasters so far testing different ways they move the beans.

1. Digital Motor Speed Controller PWM Stepless Governor Regulator

2. 10000W SCR Digital Voltage Regulator Module Board Speed Control Dimmer Thermostat AC 220V 80A

The first thing I would change in this roaster is how the beans are moved.
I don't like how they are pushed (Flubbed) right up into the chaff collector.
Renatoa posted a pic of a plate in this following thread that I think would work well in these roaster. Modding the AICOOK.BMH-1202A

You can see it in action in a vid from Allenb.
Make the plate and screw it in from the bottom so nothing is damaged in case you don't like it.

One caveat is a long enough screw so you can watch if it loosens so nothing falls down inside the roaster?
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