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Beginner Roaster
Hi HomeRoasters,

Picked up roasting as my new COVID hobby, and have been happy experimenting and trying new methods. Right now I am using a cast iron skillet and was hoping for some advice or suggestions to get better at roasting. Pictured below is a batch I did this afternoon and I've included below some of the common statistics I see throughout this form. Thanks in advance for your help!

Columbia Supremo- 120g
First crack- 8 minutes
Finished- 10 minutes
Alexkrawczyk attached the following image:

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Koffee Kosmo
Skillet roasting is the first roasting method I used with my grandmother over 55 years ago

The best agitator is a whisk
It?s also good to have a hair dryer on a stand ready to turn on after first crack to blow away chaff
I home roast and I like it. Designer of the KKTO
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