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03/01/2024 8:52 AM
nguyenanh, coffee drink ?

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welcome cup, peternh

02/27/2024 2:10 AM
Airtimid and Foolmeonce, welcome to forum

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kinkades Welcome

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Let's start talking Robusta
im starting to explore the forum with a question in mind about rasting robustas, but i end up finding others question that i want to answer, maybe i can help a little. the question was "what is the right profile for robusta?".

so, i live in a coffee producer country, ran a small coffee shops and have a small custom sample roaster (so please excuse my english, its not my native). so robusta were very common here. traditionally people in my country drinks commodity grade robusta with sugar. but the speciality scene is flourishing in the last 10 years. recently i start to do some research about robusta, the reason is simply because we have so much here. heres some useful resource about FINE ROBUSTA :






also check this James Hoffman youtube content about Amazonian Robusta :

ill use my limited experience to answer that question I mentioned above. if u read some of the resources I attached, u will know that most of the robusta that produced in the entire world is a commodity product. but coffee organizations and communities have found that robusta has bright potential if treated as well as arabica. so well treated robusta is pretty rare. if we want to know the right roast profile for our robusta we have to know the quality of the green/raw coffee bean we have. commodity robusta has bad quality because of the bad treatment from planting, picking, until post proccessing. they often just go to big factory to be roasted very dark to hide the unpleasant taste, then we have smoky taste ground coffee and added sugar or sweet condensed milk. but if manage to get well treated robusta like i did, u can experiment with lighter profile like we did on arabica. im in the early stage of my own journey to the exelent cup of robusta.

my important notes so far :

1. Robusta has lower RoR compared to arabica, it is normal to finish at 18th minutes
2. first crack is barely noticable, very quite crack. make sure no other sound disturbing.
3. dont brew with paper filter (v60, kalita, etc). i think robusta contain lower oils compared to arabica. with this oil filtered by paper it taste really wierd, i cant discribe it yet, but i will. use anything that dont use paper as filter.

some dudes will have a comment like "JUST DONT" roast or drink robusta. but that not the case in my experience, i found a good quality in some of my batches with very little defect or unpleasant taste. my next step is to try a lot of other robusta origin that treated well, then i want to find out how to brew them. what is the best method to enjoy robusta, whether as an single origin, or blended with arabica. if its good for single origin, what method is best ti highlight the robusta, paper filtered? immersion? aeropress? or espresso? if its good as espresso, will it work with milk? or just black?

still so many question, i hope u guys can accompany me through my journey with responding to this thread. i dont see so many thread about robusta in this forum, so i hope this is a good start. ill update anything interesting that i found here.

Edited by mirza on 06/23/2021 5:36 AM
Hi mirza,
I new in roasting coffee. I roasted Robusta bean.
- I roasted with SR540 without FC, I end roasting at 220 C, 10 minutes
- I roasted with frying pan below 3 minutes and got very loud crack
- I roasted with flying pan for 10 minutes and no FC
I want to ask you what happen with my coffee if I roast with out FC. Thank you.
FC is the sound of steam accumulated in the bean, that is releasing at a certain temperature/pressure.
Is the speed of the approach of that temperature that influence the FC loudness.
When fast roasting, the bean cracks more violently then for longer roasts, where steam accumulates slowly and has time to drain through the bean pores.

However, the length of the roasting is specific to the heat transfer methods, thus roaster build.
Not any roaster can roast fast, without damaging beans. Is the case of your 3 minutes pan frying.
Conversely, some roasting methods, like those highly convective (fluid bed) impose a fast roasting, else you risk baking the beans, due to difficulty of fine tuning the heat transfer. Is the case of 10 minutes in SR540.
Edited by renatoa on 06/03/2022 1:18 AM
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