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What does tipping taste like?
Can tipping be identified in the cup? What’s it taste like? Is it different than scorching?
Both are burnt spots on the bean but in different areas or places of course.
They both taste like burnt coffee, you will taste it as smokey burnt bitterness or char?

How well can you perceive this char/bitterness? This is based on your taste buds and possible how many per square inch?

So tipping I think is mainly burnt embryo or the tender shoot being hit with too much heat too fast. Keeping the heat low enough and bean movent high enough is the key to balancing this.

In my FB I charge a little lower then others and after Turning point I push more heat trying to get in the range of 32F-35F/min in the drying phase.

Each roaster is going to be a little different, I have two heater coils from the popper, one larger outer coil and a smaller diameter inner coil right under my screen/plate and this radiates heat right under the beans and I have to watch I don't drop my air flow too much or I have charcoal in a hurry.
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